Put the power of content marketing to work for your business.

This course is for any business owner or marketer who wants to learn how to tap into the service-as-sales strategy to attract, sell, serve, and retain their customers. 

Course begins January 15, 2020. You many enroll now, but the course material will not be online until 1/15.

Enroll in Content Marketing 101

This course is free, and you can study online, anytime, any place you have access to the internet.

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Learn how content marketing works.

Plus how to strategize and create content marketing for your business.

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Know the different types of content.

Plus how they are created, best uses, and how you can use them for your business.

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Discover your unique content marketing genius.

With a simple quiz, you'll learn about the content creation that comes the most natrually to you.

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Make your own content marketing toolkit.

Tools can help you be more time efficient while also helping you be more creative.

WHY is this course free?

The short answer: I want to see small businesses succeed.

A slightly longer, and more precise answer: I know that when a new client comes to me for strategy consulting, the more that client already knows, the faster and further we can go with their business. When a new student comes into one of my paid programs, the more they already know, the quicker and more successfully can apply the new skills they learn.

The whole point of content marketing is to create service opportunities that in turn create positive outcomes for the people a business serves. In this case, I am quite literally leading by example by providing a free resource (this course) which will (hopefully) lead you (my potential customer or student) to success — all while providing us both the ability to work together at a higher level if we choose to do so. ~Kim

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